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Welcome to my knitting blog, where I have for you snippets of herbal and culinary wisdom and a plethora of cat pictures. On occasion, I may rant about current events, but I really try to keep my head about me. If we were all clones of each other, life would be bland as milk toast. I believe we are all brothers and sisters on this Earth, and as such, we need to treat each other with kindness, first. Regardless of differing opinions, I view this as mainly a knitting forum, wherein knitters can unabashedly talk about and show off their knitting.

I am married, and the mother of two boys and two cats. I am raising my boys to be children of the world, not just citizens of a country. I try to live for today and remember the past fondly. Although I may waver on that point from time to time, I try to reorient myself back to stasis. I believe in miracles.



Knitting, cooking, gardening, herbs, reading, meditation, music, art, people, healing