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September 28, 2006


not an artist

Argh, you are torturing me! I so desperately want these, but I just can't justify ordering the whole set and I can't decide which bits to order first. Torture, I swear.

-Yours truly, another Addi lover


Trish, I love mine except for a few problems with the cables pulling loose from the metal piece, a cable with an end that was too small and needles just dropped off, things that Knitpicks replaced immediately. I love the feel of the needles and those pointy points. The main problem is that I have this burning need for more cables, more needles, and more of those little tighteners. Call it an obsession. ;-}


Trish, I bought these when they first came out & am totally in love like you. Sold all my Addi's. It's all about the points, baby! I found KP's c/s to be very good, one of my tips was the wrong size (a 5 instead of a 4) and they promptly sent me a new pair. I like the case, would prefer non-black, but don't find the zipper chintzy myself. The whole package is such a bargain when you add it up. I ordered the extra points & cables and more pockets. BTW I use a rubber kitchen grabber to hold the point while I tighten the screw & they are locked on solid. No loosening at all. It's love all around!


Trish, I have the option needles and I love them too. Those are the only needles I knit with right now.I had no problem with them just having to clean the screw joint a bit when I just got them. I really like the way they are package, it is nice to have your needles neat and orderly. Have fun with them. Nicole


Trish. I too love the needles but I had the same problems that Benne had. One of the cords did pull out of the screw section. KP is sending out a replacement for it. Also if you dont tightening them good then they will unscrew when you are knitting. That was not fun at all! Libby


Interesting comparative review (sounds like a comment in the margin on something for school!!)of the Addi's and the KP needles. I wondered how good they would be. Now that I've learned it's a danger zone, I'm keeping myself and my bank account squarely away from them. :)


It's good to hear this review from an Addi lover, I alternate between Addis and my old Aero/Inox and I love the "blunty" Addi tips, especially for cotton - all the slick and no split. I ordered 4.0 & 4.5 and a 24" cord to try the KP's and I have a feeling I will love them. I can see the point being very good for cable work as well as lace.


I am dangling on the brink. I like Inoxes, and I LOVE my Balene IIs. I am a little hesitant because I am a needle tapper, but think I might have to try a pair out.



Great review, Trish. I keep hearing wonderful things about these needles, and then Sooz showed me hers. I love the feel of the needles -- they are so smooth and solid feeling. Like the flexi-cord and the tips, and the nice click they make together. Wish they came in some shorter lengths too, but you can't have everything. Might have to get some soon.


They're worth buying just for the tip alone! Unfortunately KnitPicks won't ship to Australia.


I love mine, and the tips ARE very pointy - which is good, but your point (ha) about injury is very true - I am a "pusher" and wore a very painful hole right through the skin in my index finger, requiring a bandaid. (I think I'm finally getting a callus now...)


I also went off the deep end for the Knit Picks Options set and even got all the larger size needles, cables, extra pockets, sizing tags and the needle sizer. Oh yeah! The needles themselves are great and I like the organizer as well but have already had a cable pull out of the metal screw piece. This did not make me happy as I was in the middle of a modular knitting project and had dropped stitches before becoming aware of the problem. I've just dashed off an email to KnitPicks to see what they would like to do about replacing the cable and if they are going to step up their quality control.


Thanks for this informative post. I was hunting around for reviews of Knit Pick Options cos THEY'RE FINALLY COMING TO AUSTRALIA. (Can you tell I'm excited?) Thanks again.

irene goodheir

Yes - all of this sounds great and I wanted passionately to get hold of a set of the double pointed needles but no joy this company don't ship to Scotland!! Maybe when the Antipodes has been cornered they'll get around to the UK.

Lyne Jones

I agree with Irene Goodheir, I am jealous. I cannot get Knit Picks ikn Australia, they do not deliver here. Princesspumpkin posted in 2007 that they were finally coming, but they did not. We get KnitPro over here, which I understand is a totally different company, although the needles come from the same factory in India. Here in Aussie land Knit Pro are advertised as 'Knit Pro - formerly known as Knit Picks', which Knit Picks advised me is just not true. What do they have against Aussie knitters. Can I complain to the Human Rights Commission in the Hague and sue them for 'country discrimination', or something similar. Or is it just our Aussie twang and sense of humour they do not like? Or maybe they do not understand us at all.

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