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December 12, 2006



Ugh! I NEVER save my receipts... I've had my issues with bamboos as well - I had one snap at the join in the middle of a row (lace no less).

Good luck! My favorites are the Addis, and Aeros (from the UK) - which are my all-time favourites.


Who has time to save receipts! Good luck with the return. I'm glad to hear another report on the knitpicks set, I have been resisting, but ....

The Fluffy Ewe

Arrrgh!! I don't save mt receipts, either, and it has come back to bite me in my proverbial bum. I have a set of sz11 DPNs and there is a rough spot in the wood where there was that bump in the bamboo plant. Pieces of wood actually come out of it. No receipt, no sleeve anymore either. Gah... I'd take them back, Trish. Those LM needles aren't cheap!!


I don't save receipts either, are you kidding? With my limited free/personal time, I want to spend it doing something FUN! Not meticulously organizing paperwork, etc.

Good luck with the return!


Like I am not a packrat already....screw receipts. Take it up with Lantern Moon, and see if you can't get a replacement thru them.


I think you can send your Addis back to the company all by yourself, which is a good thing because my LYS refused to do it for me. She didn't want to pay the postage, despite the fact that I have spent literally thousands of dollars in her shop over the last oh too many years. I bet you can send your Lantern Moons right back to them by yourself, too, though.


Either many of you live in my town, with my horrid LYS, or a number of stores around the country are stinky. I inadvertently contacted the president of a company that made some circular needle with join problems. After a couple of e-mails, it came out that he had been trying FOR A YEAR to replace these defective needles with good ones at my barfy LYS. Keep in mind that this would have been at no cost to the LYS. The story gets worse but I'll leave it to your imagination. Anyway, I wish you the best with your return!

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