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January 18, 2007



Wow what a wonderful job your group did, I have a box of scarves to mail tomorrow, My daughter made one, a former co worker made one and I put in 5 or 6. I love knitting for worthy causes and foster care, adoption are big causes close to my heart


Give yourselves a pat on the back!! What a great bunch of scarves - must have been such fun to see all of the scarves together (I'd have wanted to roll around in them for a while)! Such a worthwhile project!
I love your grey sweater with the toggle buttons (nice yarn - what is it? It looks so comfy and cozy) and your friends felted beaded sweater. Could you devulge what patterns they are?


You did a great job, and thanks for drawing me in!

Mine was mailed last week.


So, how many scarves did your 'initiative' result in? I'm thinking today is going to be the last day for scarves from my seniors' group, though I have another a bit past halfway that I'll be adding. We will have 4 dozen or more to add to the Project's total.


Holy macaroni!!! Please do tell me the totals -- and can I steal some (or all) of these photos for the Red Scarf Blog? The people from the OFA (and others, lots of others!) like to browse through the galleries.

These are just beautiful, and what a huge success!

Melissa (crazycatladymel)

Woot! That's just amazing! I'm another Michigander, mailing mine tomorrow. Thanks for pointing out a couple new stores to check out.

mary lou

This puts our little pile in MN to shame! We'll have to start a contest here.


De-lurking with congratulations on a terrific project!


Congrats Trish on a job well done! It brings a tear to my eye.


Oh, fantabulous job all you red scarf knitters!! That adds up to a lot of love and cheer heading out to warm and bless those who will receive them. Mmm...nice prizes too.

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