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December 20, 2008



Fa la la. I hope you have some extra crayons stashed.


LOL. M has a week and a half off and I'm wondering what I will do with her during that time. Hopefully the kids will enjoy their Christmas toys for more than 10 minutes, so we all have time to check our email, websurf, and knit. ;-)


Trish, how much did you finally get? I didnt measure over here but we sure did get quite a bit. The kids have been enjoying eating it. I got them sleds now I just have to find some string so I can pull them!



The photos are beautiful as a always. Okay, I know the snow causes trouble but oh I do love it so. It just thrills me and I wish we had it here, even though it would confine me indoors.

Trish -

Ok, today, 12/24/08, we officially have over 12 inches. The driveway is not plowed. I have plenty of food, drink, and knitting to last me for days. Now, if those presents can just wrap themselves, we'll be all set!

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